Development Scenario and Simulations

Urban Design & 3D Layout Modeling

Urban design is a specialized and inter-disciplinary field that integrates many elements of built environment professions with a purpose. NTG solutions believe on a “Bottom-Up Approach” when it comes to designing, for our designs should not just be visually appealing but make people’s lives better. We believe that people utilizing the space should influence its design. Using recent technologies we provide 3D and 2D creative visual layout designs scenarios depicting the interactive relations and integration of existing spaces to those planned and designed for people. The utilization of immersive platforms such as Virtual Reality (VR) has a pronounced impact not only when it comes to viewing city plans or data but also to interact with it in a way that can enhance the general concept of the design.

Urban Form and Density Form Scenarios

Urban Form refers to the manner in which a built environment appears and functions. NTG solutions prioritize those factors to ensure that scenarios we produce are reflective of a better character of community through sustainable mixed use designs, in which reducing the need to travel will limit urban sprawl and increases overall quality of life. Densification as an important subject matter within the context of human settlement development in South Africa, density form in relation to urban form becomes critical when proposing different types of designs and housing typologies to ensure a sustainable community is the goal to every end product.