Drone Technology through aerial photography, mapping and enhanced visual presentations gives actual insight to clients, executive managers, stakeholders, developers and investors. When imagery is combined with enhanced visual presentations such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) it can be used to plan, keep record, track changes or progress, manage material, resources, assets and etc. for both public and private entities in construction, mining, farming, monitoring, inspections, investigation and etc.

Drone Technology is a very powerful tool of viewing, capturing and collecting Big Data that can do just about anything in the GIS, Surveying and mapping field when combined with Internet of Things (IoT). Drone Technology gives infinite flexibility and deployment to capture and analyse data making it a very powerful tool to minimise costs and deploy on projects that would have otherwise been dangerous, expensive or impractical.

NTG solutions is equipped with all the technology required to deliver an end product to the client.