Geospatial Intelligence​

Revenue Enhancement

Creation of revenue for municipalities through correct billing

Data Collection, Cleansing and analysis

Gathering of data from different custodians to create information for decision making purposes

Enterprise GIS Solutions

GIS solutions customised for an organisation to satisfy the needs of a client.

Development of ArcGIS Desktop, Mobile& Web Applications

Solution configuration according to the needs of a client.

GIS Strategy Development

A strategic plan developed to give an organisation

Support and maintenance of ArcGIS software products

Providing support to clients on the deployed solution and ensuring that the software is up to date.

Remote sensing data analysis

Using remotely sensed data to abstract important information.

Sales of GIS Hardware and ArcGIS Software

Providing clients with the software and hardware compatible with the solution we provide.

ArcGIS software training

Training to equip users with the basic understanding of the GIS software

GIS customised trainings

Training that is customised for an organisation based on the deployed solution.